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The Zikburner is an eeprom burner for a specific relatively standard set of eeproms. I built this since the ZikZak machines may want to use CPUs that need separate RAM and ROM, such as the Z80 or 6502 (or 6809, or 68000, etc.) An AVR microcontroller for instance has built in RAM and flash-ROM, so you can use it 'as is' without any extra devices to support it. An older CPU such as the Z*) will need a separate ROM IC, and a separate RAM IC. For the ROM, you can use an eeprom or eprom, or masked ROM, whatever. So, rather than buy an eeprom burner (or fix up an ancient Needhams serial one I have for arcade machin repair back in the day), I built my own.

This is why we're here, right? Don't buy something, when you can make it!


  • mcu (cpu of the burner): atmel atmega644 (or others really .. it does not need much ram or flash space, but does need a fair number of gpio pins; don't go less than a 40pin mcu)
  • eeprom's that may be burned/flashed: at28c256 (for example; there are other 28pin AT28C_ that may be done as well; the _ is replaced by the number of Kb (kilobits) .. so AT28C256 is 256Kb or 32KB eeprom.)
    • the 32KB 28C256 are still readily available
    • it is fairly trivial to adjust wiring for a a 32pin AT28C512 say.
    • availability on these guys is getting strange (looking at digikey) so I'll look around for others to work with that are easier to obtain, and cheap; DIP and low storage sizes is getting increasingly hard to find.. everything is huge and surface mount now :)
Source code
  • The github repository for source, schematics, firmware, etc is right here
PC-side software
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