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Cartridge Details

Pinout of the cart slot:

This wasn't overly planned – ie: it is not designed to be reversible; if you plug cart in backwards, may Crom have mercy on your soul.

Notice the design restraints:

  • VCC5 – on bottom, since many through-hole parts need 5V so bottom is fine
  • VCC33 – on top, since many surface mount parts may need 3.3V so top is better
  • power on left, gnd on right
  • includes /CE even though likely not used
  • Addresses on left
  • Data on right
  • least-significant-bits for address and data both on top, so easier to probe the stuff that changes more (the low-end address increment for instance)

Schematic of the cart for a AT28C256 (32KB eeprom):

PCBs have been made for this design.. moved to this page here

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